Leadership Styles

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Leadership Evaluation and Philosophy: An Appraisal of Angela Merkel’s Leadership during the Euro Crisis and My Leadership Philosophy
Kelly Bullard BSN RN
Grand Canyon University: MGT 605
October 8, 2014

This dissertation will discuss Angela Merkel’s Leadership style and ethics during the Euro crisis. It will also compare Angela Merkel’s leadership style to servant leadership style. It will also describe how servant leadership may or may not change the outcomes of the Euro crisis. In the closure of the dissertation, I will discuss my own leadership philosophy.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany. Last fall, she was elected to her third term as chancellor of Germany, making her one of the only two
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Despite Merkel’s trial and error leadership tactic attempting to resolve the Euro crisis, Merkel was reelected for her third term in 2013 and still is well supported by her fellow Germans. It appears the Merkel used different strategies to aid in fixing the Euro crisis that still warrants watching today.

Merkel’s Power Base, Influence Tactics, and Leadership. I feel that Angela Merkel in handling the Euro crisis used rational persuasion Consultation, and Coalition tactics (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013). Merkel would present the facts to banks and leaders of other nations; then she would listen to their thoughts and proposals. Through this process, they formed an alliance working toward reform. Merkel’s leadership style has traits of Servant leadership. For example, Leonid Bershidsky (2014) writes “Merkel is the rare politician who listens rather than talks, which is one reason her public pronouncements are famously bland and repetitive. One sometimes gets the impression that Russian President Vladimir Putin calls her so often (he did it Thursday, too) because he finds the sessions therapeutic.” Even though, some critics say that Angela Merkel’s leadership style is laissez-faire or murky, I can see attributes of Servant Leadership in Angela Merkel’s repertoire. As such, I do not see how a leader could have handled a situation as difficult as the Euro debt crisis without the leadership characteristics exhibited by Angela Merkel.


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