Leadership Style of Angela Merkel

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This dissertation will discuss Angela Merkel’s Leadership style and ethics during the Euro crisis. It will also compare Angela Merkel’s leadership style to servant leadership style. It will also describe how servant leadership may or may not change the outcomes of the Euro crisis. In the closure of the dissertation, I will discuss my own leadership philosophy.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany. Last fall, she was elected to her third term as chancellor of Germany, making her one of the only two European Union leaders that survived the economic crisis (The Guardian, 2013). Angela Merkel was named by Forbes in 2014 as the most powerful women in the world (Forbes, 2014). Angela Merkel’s leadership style
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Personal strength is no coincidence
Friedbert Gay
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Understand yourself and others better: The four behavioral styles
Reflect for just a moment: What went through your head when you picked up a book recently?
Did you impatiently thumb through it while simultaneously wondering, “Which article is of use to me?” because you hate wasting time and want to see concrete results quickly?
What it the authors that piqued your curiosity – “Who exactly has written this article?” Did you look at the photos to see whose articles sounded interesting and then read a bit here and there until you remembered that you actually needed to check your e-mails again and make a telephone call?
Did you look for familiar names and take your time to decide “What more would I like to learn?” and then decide that you weren’t in the right mood and might better start reading on the weekend?
Did you carefully study the table of contents first to get an overview and preselect the articles that appeared interesting and then – as a third step – after taking a look at the summaries, circle those you want to thoroughly work through?
The four types of reader described above reflect the behavioral tendencies on which the persolog
Factor Model is based:


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