Language Arts Importance

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Eric Baierl
Task 1

Language Arts Development
Eric Baierl
Task 1

A. Language arts classes play a crucial role in the literacy development of elementary-aged children. By learning to read and write a child is able to grow intellectually in not only language arts classes but all other classes as well. Communication is necessary to acquire knowledge on any subject and the more developed a child is in language arts the faster they will learn. There are multiple aspects of language arts that each play an important role in the growth of a students literacy. In this essay I will explain how the different facets of language arts,
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Students in elementary school need to be encouraged to communicate early and often because it allows them to share their experiences with each other and learn from those experiences. The back and forth communication between students and teachers helps develop language arts skills by hearing and learning of new words and then applying them vocally to better express themselves. Basically everything a student reads, writes, or hears in school helps develop their communication skills. The more words and experiences a student is exposed to the better the student will be able to understand and apply them to what they have already learned. Another important aspect of language arts that contributes to the development of elementary-aged students literacy is listening. This is ultimately interconnected with the development of a child's oral communication and begins at a very early age. Elementary-aged students need to be encouraged to practice proper listening because it will improve their speaking, reading, and writing. The development of a students language arts skills are continually increased through listening to books read aloud, conversing with peers and teachers, and many other classroom activities. As elementary-aged students begin to increase their listening skills they will also begin to be able to follow more complex instructions which ultimately accelerates their learning. Viewing, watching, or seeing various visuals such as,


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