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Early Childhood Education: The Curriculum That Matters Most
Stacie Emery
ECE 311
Prof. Carly Davenport
November 21, 2011 * * * *
Early Childhood Education: * The Curriculum That Matters Most
As times change, it seems that education must change as well, to fit the ever-changing needs of our youth. For children of any age, education is a complex thing, but so very important for each of them to succeed in anything they do. California State Standards imitate the National standards for educational values. Each child has a right to quality, formal and age appropriate education. Even before Pre-K, children will begin absorbing mass quantities of information. This will continue for the rest of their
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•We believe that quality, early care and education is provided by professionals that respect and understand the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of young children and their families.
•We believe that our ability to affect positive change in the profession occurs when we join together creating a unified voice.” (CAEYC, Overview)

Fine Arts
* Fine Arts are defined as creative and visual art; an activity requiring great skill or accomplishment: "the fine art of persuasion".
Standard Reasoning * Fine Arts in the classroom can be beneficial to both the teacher and the student. The arts include music, painting, photographs, etc. Allowing the child to express themselves will open up their minds to think beyond what is physically in front of them. As an educator, teaching a class of children to draw a picture will only show the child to draw. If thought is put into the project, such as having the child draw a picture of what they will be when they grow up, will get the child to think outside the box. This expansive thinking creates a more satisfying educational experience for the child.

Mathematics is defined as: the abstract science of number, quantity, and space; the mathematical aspects of something: "the mathematics of general relativity".
Standard Reasoning
Mathematics can be a complex topic at any age.


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