The Educational Differences Between the United States and China

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The Educational Differences between
The United States and China

Ant 101 Intro to Culture Anthropology

October 23, 2010

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The Educational Differences between the United States and China
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Math also consists of measurements, calendars, formulas, and all the stuff that goes with algebra, geometry, and calculus. There is also the subjects of science, history, computers and other languages also that are being taught in the schools. Then there are the fun subjects for the children also like gym, art, and music which include band and choir.
The primary school education requires six years in China. “Pupils are required to take a variety of subjects such as the Chinese language, fundamental mathematics and moral education. They also take part in sports and extra-curriculum activities. Foreign languages such as English are optional courses in the senior year of the primary education. “China is very focused on mathematics and the Chinese language being basic courses in compulsory education” (Wang, J., & Li, Y, 2009). They also have testing to make sure the children are headed where they should be at. Depending on how the child tests is how it is determined what middle school that they attend.

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The United States and China both do have schools in rural areas that are not up to standards and could use a lot to update them and get a better education system to help these children. They are far and few in between for both countries though compared to other countries.


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