Irregular Spelling Lesson Activity

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Name: Allison Akenson
WGU Task Objective Number: ELT: Task 12


Lesson Title & Subject(s): Expository Writing Lesson / Language Arts Topic or Unit of Study: Expository Writing Lesson: Informing the reader of a topic that would include facts, such as book reports or research reports.

Grade/Level: Third

Instructional Setting:
Third grade classroom will be seated at their individual desks for presentation of expository writing, guided practice, and independent practice.


Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):
2. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.
a. Introduce
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Students will brainstorm a topic they want to write about and begin writing their rough draft expository essay.

Teacher will be sure to advise the classroom now to edit or censor what they are writing before they write the words on the paper. Teacher will explain the importance of why she doesn’t want there to be any editing of their words. This is because the students often draw a blank in their heads because they start to worry about what they are supposed to be writing and what they can write without making any errors. The teacher wants to students to freely write about any thoughts, ideas, and information that comes to mind without worrying about anything else. Explain to the class that grammar and punctuation will be corrected later on in the writing process. Urge the children to write at least two to four paragraphs before they even begin to re-read what they wrote – this will keep their brains working hard to relay all the information that they are thinking about.

When they are finished with their rough drafts, they will turn those into be roughly graded. They will not be given a letter grade or score. These rough drafts will be grades in order to correct any grammar and punctuation errors they may have.

Graded rough drafts are passed back out to


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