Unit 065

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Unit 065. Promote learning and development in the early years.

Outcome 1.1.
There are seven areas of development in the EYFS. The seven areas of development and are split up as three main areas and are physical development, personal, social and emotional development, communication and language. The other four are still important but not detrimental as the other areas and they are Understanding of the World, Literacy, Arts and Design and Maths.
Physical Development.
Physical development is the area of physical activity for moving and handling including fine motor and gross motor skills. This area of development includes gross activities such as running, walking, climbing etc and also fine motor so pencil/ brush control, handling objects
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From using this source I can quickly get an idea about the child as the parent knows them best so I can plan activities that they enjoy at home and then later plan activities to further skills their parents would like them to develop more on.
I can ask other colleagues in my setting as some have been there for many years more than me and may have some interesting ideas for planning for my children. I like to go over to the older room as I am in the younger room and some of my key children will be moving over there soon so if I get a little stuck on how to further my children’s development I go in the older room and have a look around at what they are learning, working on and playing with and can take ideas back to my room and plan for my younger children.
I could also get information from outside agencies as many of my colleagues have. At the moment I haven’t got any key children with special needs so haven’t required extra help to plan for needs but I have observed children with additional needs in the setting; for example a child has been noted as possibly autistic and has been put under the schema for ‘trajectory’ an outside behaviour management lady came to the setting and spoke to the managers and his key workers and were given advice on planning for him and they then passed information down to the other staff.
I also use internet sources to help me plan for my children such as pinterest,


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