The Cultural Change of Music

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The Cultural Change of Music
The popular culture of music has changed dramatically over the course of sixty five years. Since this time, new genres of music have been introduced, existing genres have changed, and fixed stereotypes have been associated with certain genres of music. Music has become a major part of popular culture, and is portrayed almost everywhere in first world societies, including on television, radio, at shopping centers, sporting events and in every area of popular culture. Music has become a major part of popular culture, and continues to strive and develop into more and diverse areas of culture.
The advancement of technology has had a major role in changing the culture of music since 1945.
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The culture of Music was not only influenced by infamous artists, it also changed due to other adaptations in popular culture such as technology, specifically television and the internet. The internet provided a way to easily buy and share music from around the world, allowing different types, styles, and genres of music from many different countries such as Japan, Sweden, and other foreign countries to become renown in western cultures. Music has been influenced culturally through revolutionary artists, changing societies and beliefs, and the advancement of technology.
There are many positive changes that music has made towards popular culture throughout the course of the last forty five years, including new artist, a variety of different genres, and news tastes of music. Music has developed new technological inventions, and there are many new artists bringing a new look into what music has to offer. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and ACDC have revolutionized the way people listen to music, and have given a new look to popular culture. Music throughout the years has also influenced the way the market has developed, and increased the revenue of many business and industries, including clothing and toys. Music is also responsible for more than half the revenue of media industries. Music has played a major role in, and made positive impact in the media such as Television, Radio, and even the way you shop and visit new places have


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