Case Study on Asos

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Tara Premnath

A Case Study On The Globalisation And Strategic Reign Of ASOS Subject: Retail Branding and identity


This report analysis the strategic branding policies of the online retailer ASOS and comprehends its position in the global market. It evaluates the standardisation and adaptation techniques ASOS employed to become the no.1 online retailer in the world. The company vigilantly practices standardisation and adaptation in its brand architecture and distribution channels. Its branding policies have made way for its accomplishing market dominance. ASOS approaches the market with a faultless differentiation technique through its
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ASOS, similarly, launched its website in 2000 as an online store ( 2002). The company manipulated the movement of globalisation during that year, predicting a strong future for online retailing. They used the technique of standardisation in order to meet customer demands in the global scenario through technology.

About ASOS is one of the leading global online fashion retailers and was conceived in June 2000 by two innovative men Nick Robertson & Quentin Griffiths. website offers 50,000 products and adds upto 1500 new products every week. Besides their own label they also sell nearly 250 other brands like Balenciaga and YSL with product lines varying from menswear, women’s wear, footwear, jewellery, accessories and beauty products. They are proved to be UK’s top most independent retailer in their genre, concentrating on a target market segment of young (16-34) consumers who comprises 20% of potential online shoppers (Mintel 2011). ASOS has been very successful so far and have acquired to penetrate into different markets like UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Australia and Italy and also maintains regular shipping of their products from the central distribution unit that is located in the UK. They have shipping to over 195 countries so far from its distribution warehouse in UK. ( 2004).
ASOS has been successful in the Global move and boast of having a Global pool of followers since the time they expanded. They began as


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