Mobile Salon Business

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Description of the company
Now a day, people tend to have less time to go to the traditional salons to get their hair cut or nails done on the timely basic. By doing mobile salon, we offer customer the convenience of not having to drive to the salon and wait for their turns. Less driving time and more importantly it is a great service to Baby boomers populations who most of the time hesitating of doing too much driving. This service is also attractive to busy people. Mobile salon offers full services hair, nails, facial, make-up and eco-friendly salon which offers non-harmful chemical products with no waiting time. Employees are independent contractors who are licensed in different services. It’s best to hire people who have cosmetology
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- Our key success is creditability, and professional services provided at clients’ home
Target Market:
-Busy business men: men have shorter hair; need to get more frequent hair cut than women. Business men tend to favor shorter, cleaner look. These men will be targeted by offering quick, convenient, services
-Baby boomers live in the senior community homes, these clients are usually unable to drive.
-Busy women: have the need of getting their salon services done but they tend to work during the time traditional salons are opened. Busy people tend to fear long waiting time at the traditional salon; mobile salon will be a better option.
-Single moms: Single moms usually work a lot, they have the full schedule but they tend to maintain a good appearance. Mobile salon allows the mom and the kids to get their hair and nails done at their home at the same time. While the kids are getting the hair cut, the mom can get some of the house choir done.
Primary Market Research: focus groups, wide variety of people, men, women, elderly, single moms.
We can ask questions such as:
-How often do you get a salon service?
-What type of service do you typically use and why?
- How can the current service been improved?
-What would it take for you to switch to different salon service?
- How would you like to receive salon services at home?
Head motivators: Convenient and professional services, reasonable price, excellent customer


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