Just Like Us

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Cynthia Camacho Vindrola
Steven Mayers
English 1A
Just Like Us
The immigration problem in America has been dividing the document and undocumented people, in the book Just Like Us, by Helen Thorpe, she tells the story of four Mexican – American girls who live in Denver Colorado. Marisela and Yadira, were born in Mexico and are undocumented while Clara was born in Mexico too it is a permanent resident, and Elissa is a U.S citizen. They are best friend and their relationship it is not affected by their immigration status until they graduated from high school and they have to face the challenge of looking for new ways to pay for their college education. Undocumented adolescents graduating from high school don’t have many
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Most conservative talks about undocumented immigrants come to affect the American economy, avoiding taxes, free loaders, public schools, and food stamps. And also Conservatives thinks that most of the illegal are criminals. The issue of welfare is one point where we see the conservative viewpoint “They go to San Francisco General and they get free health care that we pay for.” (Thorpe 250). Undocumented people just to come to the United States looking for a better life, more opportunities, to give their families more a better future. We didn’t know, but in their country they are poor, and they do not have enough food so just deal with it day by day. We cannot even talk about healthy issues; because they cannot expend money on it, because their kids or themselves will not be able eat that day. These are a couple of reasons why they just to take a risk and coming to fulfill the “American Dream.” Saying that undocumented people who want be like an American citizen by paying some form of taxes, and really are hard workers doing those kind of jobs than Americans doesn’t want to do.
Juan Apocada is a young undocumented boy who was on the news for speaking out about his struggle about obtaining a scholarship, a benefactor who really knows his legal status didn’t care


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