Humanity: the Strive for Perfection

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When you hear the word perfection, what is the first image that pops out of your mind? Is it the bright, shiny, twinkling smile of Ian Somerhalder or is it the sexy body of Megan Fox? Or perhaps is it just the cute face of your crush in one of your classes? Or maybe the simple concept of having complete and functional limbs is enough for you to be considered perfect already. For Merriam Webster, perfection is the freedom from fault or defect – or just plain flawlessness. As for most of the people, they view perfection as someone having a face which resembles a Greek god; or somebody who has immaculately fair, white skin similar to an angel that fell from the heavens. They consider someone perfect if he has the ability to make their jaw …show more content…

Men give most of their time bulking up their muscles in gyms; or if they are desperate enough, they inject anabolic steroids to hasten up the process. Women, on the other hand, go to beauty salons and cosmetic surgeons to enhance every nook and cranny of their structures. They paint their nails, put on heavy make-up, cut their hair to perfection, enlarge their breasts and buttocks, wax other unwanted hairs, and take Glutathione. There also others, especially super models, who starve themselves just not to gain weight and maintain their skinny figures. People all do this just to feel good about their selves so that the next time they go out, they would not shy away from the crowd. Mass media contributes largely to our knowledge about the world, and showbiz news is one of those. Latest gossips about actresses having a nose lift, new magazines released with the photo of a hot actor on the cover, and fresh tips of actresses on how to look like them: they are all contributors on why people want perfection. They have instinctively set those models and superstars that they idolize as the standard for perfection. Because people think that these celebrities are all dazzling with glory and have “perfection” written all over their faces – they all wish to have their gorgeous faces and their glorious curves placed on their bodies too. And dreaming of having the exact copy of Emma Watson’s face and making it their own is on the top of


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