Dialectical Journal: Black Like Me

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Reading Notes | Comments and Questions | They were apparently friends one minute then then something would come up and one would get slashed up with a knife (pg.8) | I think of it as having your whole family against you when you have important decisions to make. If they, who are always supposed to be there for you turn their backs when you most need them, then who will? Just like race we tend to trust those within our own people who have the same background, but if you can’t trust them then you can you trust. | Though street cars are not segregated in new Orleans, I took a seat near the back. (pg.12) | Even after all they blacks went through to be able to ride the bus and not be segregated they still decide to segregate themselves …show more content…

They do it against your Negro-ness(pg.45) | In a way they’re making excuses as to why the white people treat them so badly. It’s saying that they do it because of what they see on the outside not because of what’s on the inside. They have to realize that the reason that they do it is irrelevant It’s that fact that the discriminate that’s massively wrong. | “ Yes, but Mississippi tells the rest of the world they got a wonderful relationship with their Negroes—that they understand each other , and like each other. They say outsiders just don’t understand. Well, I’m going there to see if I understand.”(pg.48) | The way the papers were making Mississippi out to be a great amazing city, where everybody gets along and love each other is just plain wrong. Everybody else can see it but they’re trying to make it something it’s not. | She jerked the bill furiously from my hand and stepped away from the window. In a moment she reappeared to hurl my change and the ticket on the counter with such force most of it fell on the floor at my feet. I was truly dumbfounded by this deep fury that possessed her whenever she looked at me. Her performance was so venomous.(pg.51) | The descriptive language used here makes this part in a way more relatable. The word he used made it come to life. I could actually imagine her throwing the money at him. It would’ve completely changed the mood of this particular part if he would’ve just written “she angrily threw the ticket at


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