Refining Solutions Paper

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Refining Solutions
Meghan L Adams
July 16, 2013
David Boswell

Refining Solutions
There are a number of solutions that can be reviewed to solve most any problem and most require a touch of creative or critical thinking. William Hughes once said, “If we are not prepared to think for ourselves, and to make the effort to learn how to do this well, we will always be in danger of becoming slaves to the ideas and values of others due to our own ignorance.” This quote is one that can be considered as individuals encounter issues or problems. This paper will discuss the solutions initially considered to resolve the problem of understaffing at a place of employment, and how these resolutions can be further honed to provide the best
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Cross training an employee allows he or she the opportunity to learn a new skill. This new skill potentially can make he or she more valuable to the company, either in their present job or in a different job. Cross training allows for the most potential for company and individual growth.
Revised Argument
Cross training is beneficial for managers as it provides more flexibility in managing the workforce to get the job done. However, done properly, cross training is also a positive for the employees too. It allows he or she the ability to learn new skills, makes he or she a more valuable asset to the company, and can combat worker boredom. It is also essential that the company carefully select those persons to become cross trained. Some individuals are not open to the challenge and would prefer to stay in his or her comfort zone, while others enjoy the opportunity to learn a new skill.
Refined Solution and Implementation Plan
There are three steps to refining a solution 1) working out the details, 2) Finding Imperfections and Complications, and 3) Making Improvements (Ruggiero, 2009). Cross training is a relatively simple concept that can be implemented in most any business plan. The details of cross training are few: identify the person and implement the change. Finding the complications can be as simple as choosing the correct employee, some persons are not comfortable with the change and can further inhibit the process. Making Improvements are essential to


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