Job Satisfaction Within Hasbro

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Job Satisfaction within Hasbro

Hasbro, a toy company that many of us have known since childhood has grown into more than just a toy company. Founded in 1923 by Henry and Merrill Hassenfield the company that we have grown to know and love did not start off as a toy manufacture, but was actually a company that produced textile remnants and ran under the name Hassenfield Brothers. Over the next two decades the company expanded production to include pencil cases and various school supplies; it was not until the 1940’s that the company took on the name Hasbro and produced its first toy, Mr. Potato Head (Arnerson, n.d.). Mr. Potato Head was an instant success and the company only grew from there. Throughout the next few decades Hasbro
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“Welcomed at a special event by the CEO and members of the Senior Management team, relocated employees met with local vendors to learn about resources including daycares, gyms, cultural centers, chambers of commerce, restaurants, hospitals and banks,”. On top of this orientation the company also assigned welcoming mentors to the employees and their families, their objective being to help them integrate into their new hometowns and work locations. (“Assisting employees leaving Hasbro,” n.d.). Hasbro understands that family is important to their employees and works to make their corporation family friendly. They do this by offering several annual family programs at their headquarters throughout the year. Some examples of these programs include Kids Carnival, Santa Breakfast, and Bring Your Child to Work day (“Rewarding our employees,” n.d.).
Co-worker satisfaction is the fourth phase which describes how employees feel about their fellow co-workers sets an extremely important tone in regards to the productivity within the office (Colquitt, 2011). Working with other employees to accomplish tasks and projects is a major component within this thriving toy company. For a project to be successful that requires getting along and working together seamlessly without tension. Having this comfortable atmosphere between co-workers within the workplace allows the environment to be


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