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Compare two (2) job positions from the episode and perform a job analysis of each position.
Comparing two positions from the Norwegian Cruise Line episode, they are crew staff and recreation staff. Both positions are important for the smooth running of the ship. Guests expect to have entertainment functions to attend as well as be able to attend different social activities. The contributions these positions make to the overall running of the cruise ship is priceless. Cruise staff is responsible for the entertainment and social activities on the ship. The ship plans over 100 activities on a weekly basis, like bingo, karaoke, and line dancing. It’s the responsibility of the crews’ staff to interact and make positive connections with
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Keep in mind there are other methods including task inventory, job element method, competency profiling, technical conference, threshold traits analysis system and a combination of these methods (MSG,2013).

Create a job description from the job analysis.
Job descriptions are basic information used to announce specific jobs. Based on the wording of a job description, you are either interested or not interested in a particular job. Cruise staff positions are often entry-level social positions. This job is for the enthusiastic and extroverted only. An assistant cruise director's job is to spend a lot of time with the passengers. This means mingling at cocktail parties, calling bingo numbers, playing games, getting passengers involved and enthusiastic about shipboard activities, assisting with tour dispatch, and doing general public relations work for the cruise line. Social dance training is preferred. Cruise staff will also be expected to sing or dance in shows when needed (JD, 2013). The Cruise Director is in charge of all onboard entertainment. Generally, the Cruise Director entertains and performs a couple times a voyage. The cruise director is the lead entertainer but now this role is more administrative and acts as a supervisor to the rest of the


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