Reflective Practitioner

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Professional Development
(PD 3101)

Nama : Siti Nabila Yusof

Program : B. Ed TESL
Unit : Tesl A
Nama Pensyarah : Mr. Ruban Paul Durai

A ‘reflective practitioner’ is a person who applies a ‘reflective practice’ into his her professional field for the sake of the professional development although we cannot deny that the purposes can also be for the sake of getting higher income and obtaining fame. The literature of reflective practice is widely discussed regardless of different professional fields especially in the aspects of the definition of the term ‘reflective practice’ itself, the methods or means to achieve a stage of becoming
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Constructivists, in relation to reflective model believe that the knowledge gained from the real experience is crucial and reliable for the learning process to occur where trainees will actually construct their own knowledge from the experience based on the environment that they live in (Hein,1991). This is similar to reflective model which stresses on the importance of experiential knowledge as a source of their reflection. Moreover, reflective model is also related with one of the current theories that emphasises on self-learning through active reflection. So the core similarity between reflective practice and autonomy is that the main factor for the learning process to take place is on the students or the trainees themselves (Holec,1981). They are the one who will be doing the reflection and deciding how the product of the reflection will be used for their own development. In relation to the teaching profession generally, the activities which associated with reflective practice may include the journal writing, collaborative activities between peers and research. Journal writing activities can actually help the teachers to keep their teaching routine recorded on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. By writing a journal, teachers can reflect on their teaching and check their improvements in teachings


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