Paradoxical Twins Acme and Omega Electronics

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Case Study on
Paradoxical Twins Acme And Omega Electronics

Paradoxical Twins Acme And Omega Electronics
Defining the issue
After reading the case of the “Paradoxical Twins Acme and Omega Electronics”, I found Both Acme and Omega produce similar products and offer similar services. Acme president John Tyler is a very tough going individual and he is portrayed to be an autocratic individual because there is one way communication in Acme. The case provides an opportunity to evaluate both Acme and Omega’s organization structure of a business. Both companies used to have the same organizational structure but after they were sold to different investors, as a consequence of this, each company has its own procedures and company policies.
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* Development and adaptation of new technology and techniques is required in both companies. * There should be a change in the workflow of the companies. * The merger of both companies is also an option open for both companies.

Selecting decision criteria
Selection criteria for the alternatives is performance and working style along with organization structure is adopted to find and recommend the alternatives.
Analyzing and evaluating alternatives
Some changes can be made at both plants that would increase efficiency of work and hence enhance their competitive advantage against each other.
Selecting the preferred alternative
Alternative-1Change in structure
Omega is a decentralized organization, where managers and subordinates delegate important decisions to lower level about new organizational projects. Omega's management believes in mutual adjustment, which is the practice of using judgment on problem solving and also creates an informal way of communicating with each other rather than using standardization or written rules. There is not clear cut job analysis (job description and specification). Sometime new employees don’t know what to do for a month and even longer. Omega's organic structure gives the employees more flexibility to innovative thinking, and creates a unity within the organization but it is not enough to be the effective organization. Omega should have mix organization structure; it means it