Marketing Segmentation of Tata Nano in India and Its Targeting and Positioning Strategy.

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Contents Market Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting: A case of Tata Nano in India EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Targeting and positioning strategy of Tata Nano and recommendations for the company are given. INTRODUCTION: BACKGROUND: According to Howard and Sheth (1969, p. 70), “market segmentation depends on the idea that the company should segment or divide the market in such a way as to achieve sets of buyers” Historically sellers were engaged in mass marketing. They were into the mass production, mass promotion and mass distribution of one product to all consumers in order to obtain economies of scale. This approach of marketing segmentation made the producers to compete against their competitors in …show more content…
Industry wise they target the two wheeler industry, three wheeler industry (which are more costly than nano), public transports as well to an extent. Hence pricing is their most effective targeting strategy. (Admap magazine, Positioning of Tata Nano is solely based on its price which may also become a drawback to them in future. Tata Nano is well positioned which will be doing a marketing for the entire Tata Motors. As Nano will be the first car of many customers there will be a possibility of customers to follow Tata Motors if they have a good value for money product and good customer relationship management. As mentioned Nano will be the first car people will surely change their car and that might be possibly for another car in Tata Motors itself. Moreover Tata is also got a wide range of cars which are durable and better quality which suits Indian roads. (NDTV news) {draw:frame} {draw:rect} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION: The marketing segmentation concept is a good strategy in marketing but not applicable for all industries, services or products. Nano is got a good segmentation and its well targeted and positioned. As Nano is targeting people with its price strategy, in future due to some inflation if value of money increases they might not be able to convince their customers. Tata is a good reliable brand in India and now the positioning


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