Interdisciplinary Relationships

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Interdisciplinary Relationships

HCS/525 Leadership
February 11, 2013

Interdisciplinary Relationships Communication in health care is crucial for success in any health care based institution. Collaborate communication within health care professionals is more effective than an individual. Collaboration in health care is defined as health care professionals assuming complementary roles and cooperatively working together, sharing responsibility for problem-solving and making decisions to formulate and carry out plans for patient care (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2008). Collaboration amongst physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals increases team members’ attentiveness of each other’s type of
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Once the doctor responds whether or not they will continue to see and treat the patient, the next phase begins. If the doctor responds that the patient does not need to medically be seen at the cancer center, the registration department notifies the patient and informs them they may seek treatment with an in network doctor. If the doctor response is treating the patient, the registration department now forwards the case to the patient care advocacy program (PCAP) case management which consists of nurses who assist with securing and obtaining an authorization for the patient. Moving forward, case management communicates directly with the doctor and his team to obtain medical information for the patient to continue care and treatment at the facility. At this point, registration department is no longer involved until after authorization is obtained. Once case management receives confirmation that authorization has either been approved or denied, they send email to doctor and their team as well as the registration department. The registration department is then involved again to first, inform the patient if they have been approved or denied. And then monitor the account and remove the hold to allow the patient to schedule appointments and possible treatments. This department has to do a lot of communicating within other departments. They have to communicate with the doctor’s office, patients and nurses from the


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