Edrd 3140 Case Study: Topic 1

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Case Study: Brass Taps Campus Pub
Topic #1


The purpose of this case study is to identify the social communication that Brass Taps emphasizes in their organization. Brass Taps is a small campus pub located in the University of Guelph. Being a campus pub, it must facilitate a prominent social atmosphere considering that is not only students that come there, but professors as well. How they communicate and in what way they communicate are of paramount importance. Brass Taps’ student atmosphere provides a comfortable environment for both management and staff to connect. This organization only hires students to work there, allowing management to become extremely close with its staff and be respectful of their
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In my opinion, I found that being in a free-flowing atmosphere and where information is shared amongst everyone is beneficial to the way that I learn and excel. With this type of communication, I found that managers can really take the time to individually care about each of their employees. Managers, who stand up for the well-being of employees in their areas, both as a group and individually, rise above a private, personal agenda and strengthen relationships (Hill &,Ingala, 2001). Having this form of communication can create efficient social relationships, which help produce an efficient functional team through cohesion. The free- flowing direction of communication helps develop mutual trust and support with all managers and staff. To further this point, all employees will have personal crises at some point; having a manager that truly cares about you makes a large difference. Personal crises tempt employees to jump ship for less than optimal career opportunities. High-performing organizations pay attention to the individual and work at building relationships, which protect against ship jumpers by recognizing and addressing individual situations (Hill &, Ingala, 2001). The relationships I built with management, employees, and customers will be something I cherish forever and I do not believe I would have those relationships if Brass Taps was not so much like a family. In conclusion, Brass Taps puts a huge onus on