Frankenstein Study Guide

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General 1. Title: Frankenstein
2. Author: Mary Shelley
3. Date of publication: Jan 1, 1818
4. Novel type: horror, Gothic, science fiction and tragedy
1. Point of view: Throughout most of the novel it is a first person narrative. The main narrator s victor Frankenstein however there are 2other narrators too; Walton and the monster. Walton’s narration is through letters. 2. Relationship to meaning: The first person narration helps the reader see things from the character point of view and also helps create doubt over what really happened or why something really happened. 3. Plot structure: A. exposition: Walton narrates how he has encountered a man named Victor Frankenstein while on his voyage through
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After some time after finishing his story victor dies of an illness. Then the while away from the body of victor the monster goes to victor’s body and begins to weep over his creator’s death and then runs off of the ship and goes to die in the cold weather.

Character 1. Protagonist: Victor Frankenstein A. Most of the story is narrated through Frankenstein. B. Very passionate about his work which causes him to be very selfish and in the end causes his own death and the death of most of his family. C. After he meets Walton and hears his plans Victor realizes that he was the same way and that it ultimately caused he life to change however the first time he realizes that it might be his fault that people are dying because of him is when Justine is executed and he does nothing to prevent it. 2. Antagonist-The creature A. The monster is the main antagonist B. Ultimately victor is his own antagonist because he created the monster and then caused his creation to become his enemy. 3. Moral center of work
A. Victor Frankenstein’s story/life
B. Victor is a man with a passion for knowledge and he is so obsessed with creating life he neglects everyone in his family.
C. This character develops the theme of excessive obsession can destroys one life.

4. Other significant characters A. The women in the


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