Strategic Plan

4018 words 17 pages
Table of contents:

1. Executive Summary Pages 3-4

2. Introduction Page 5

3. Mission/ Vision/ Objectives Page 6

4. SWOT Analysis Pages 6-7

5. Strategic Plan: Pages 7-16

Product Design Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Entry Level & Multi-Featured Assembly Strategy

Compensation Training & Labor Strategy

Corporate Citizenship Strategy

Finance Strategy

6. Conclusion Pages 17

7. Appendices Page 18

8. References Page 19

Executive Summary:

Mission/Vision/Objectives Candid Cameras, Inc.’s mission is to commit itself to produce the highest quality cameras in the industry. It will attain its mission through its vision by becoming a preeminent global
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- A 10% increase in a annual revenues
- An EPS of $2.20 or above
- An Annual 2% increase on ROE
- An image rating of 80 or above
- Increase camera orders in North America by 5% in 1st and 2nd quarters and 15% in the 3rd quarter
- Increase quality rating by investing in research without passing the cost to customers
- Provide a high level of features while maintaining the usability by novices
- Sell cameras at a lower price than competitors
- Differentiate cameras through high quality and multiple features

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths - Candid Cameras, Inc. maintains market share of the Asian-Pacific market
- Candid Cameras, Inc. maintains a strong commitment to research and development while maintaining prices - Candid Cameras, Inc. has the highest image rating among competitors -Lower overall cost of entry level cameras in comparison to competitors
- Candid Cameras, Inc. falls behind in distributing an accurate amount of entry level and multi-level distribution in key markets, thus reducing its potential profit in these areas
- Candid Cameras, Inc. maintains a B+ credit score which is among the lowest in the industry. This factor, along with others lowers the investor expectation score. Candid Cameras, Inc. is 4th among its competitors in investor expectation score


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