Progressive Era vs New Deal

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New Deal vs. Progressive Era During both the Progressive era and the New Deal era, policies as well as programs were being created in an effort to assist the American public, specifically those living in poverty. Throughout the early 1900’s Roosevelt had strayed away from the typical laissez-faire policy and decided that the people would need to be guided by the government. “Wilsonian Progressivism” had also aimed at assisting the public with his “New Freedom Program” which consisted of antitrust legislation, banking reform as well as tariff reductions. After the stock market crashed in 1929, America had fallen into a Great Depression resulting in the unemployment of millions. Newly elected Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to present his …show more content…

Lastly Wilson’s Workingmen’s Compensation Act of 1916 which gave assistance to federal civil-service employees during periods of disability is similar to Franklin Roosevelt’s Social Security Act of 1935 which gave federal-state unemployment insurance to the elderly, physically handicapped and delinquents.
Although both era’s had shared numerous similarities in programs that were passed, they also had many differences. Due to the fact that the New Deal era was plagued with the Great Depression, Roosevelt had to focus on creating temporary jobs or programs to help get the unemployed working. These “relief” programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) had allowed unemployed and uniformed men to work in government camps by reforesting, firefighting, controlling flood problems, and they even helped with swamp drainage. Most of their money would be sent to their parents so they could pay their mortgages and other expenses. Another relief program was the Home Owner’s Loan Corporation which helped refinance mortgages on nonfarm homes. During the progressive era there were no programs created to provide temporary work other than the NewLands Act of 1902 which helped develop irrigation projects, such as the Roosevelt Dam created on Arizona’s Salt River in 1911. Another difference was when Roosevelt had passed the Meat Inspection Act of 1906


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