Group Communication Paper

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To: John Phoenix (New Hiring Manager)
Date: October 3, 2010
Re: Helpful Tips in the New Position
After working in this position for a while working in groups and introducing new group members is a key ingredient in building teams and relationships. In groups and teams, relationships are the feelings, roles, norms, statuses, and trust that both affect. They reflect the quality of communication between a person and others. The variables that have an important effect on relationships are made with others in small groups. These are the roles a person assumes, the norms or standards, the group develops, the status differences that affect the group's productivity, the power some members have, the trust that improves
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The reduction in creativity when group or team members utter “sound bites” that discourage rather than encourage the group to think of new possibilities (Beebe & Masterson, 2006). Additional barriers that often exist in group communication are filtering, selective perception, information overload, emotions, language, and communication apprehension. When a person conveys information to a group in a manner that is favorable to what the group wants to hear this is filtering. On the other side of that is selective perception occurs when the receiver of information manipulates what they perceived to hear based on their own preconceptions. When someone selects the information that is relevant to him or her or forgets some of the information this is information overload. The emotion of the receiver of information is very important in how they translate the message they received. If the group is diverse then there could also be a language barrier between its members. Communication apprehension occurs when a member has anxiety about communication with others whither this communication is oral or written. Some of the different techniques described in the next section will have ways of overcoming these barriers.

Techniques to Overcome Barriers Different techniques to overcome the barriers of communication are traditional brainstorming, nominal-group technique, Delphi technique, electronic brainstorming, and


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