The Byod Security Risk

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The BYOD Security Risk

The introduction of mobile devices in the workplace has been on the rise and there is no denying that these devices are transforming how companies do business. This has introduced the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device model in the workplace and its becoming more popular every day. BYOD is a policy that accepts employees bringing personally owned mobile devices to their workplace and using them to access company data such as email, file servers and databases as well as their personal applications and data. But as data transmissions increase with these devices so does the chances of them being hacked and the burden of successfully managing the mobile devices is laid upon the IT departments. One of the
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The problem with BYOD is that current IT, compliance and internal audits departments need to “Get With It” and enforce their mobile security policies. The threat of a security breach with mobile devices is real and large companies need to realize it and find the balance between usability and security. And it’s not just large companies and corporations that are being affected the BYOD model or the user of mobile devices in the workplace. Small business in the last several years and most businesses found mobile devices useful. But few small businesses are a where of the significances of an adequate mobile device management solution. A survey was conducted by CDW of 753 mobile device users and IT professionals from July 2012 to June 2012. The survey found that 79% of the small businesses deployed smart-phones to some of their employees but 67% of IT managers in the survey are unfamiliar with Enterprise Mobility Management software. The use or knowledge of mobile device management is virtually non-existent in small businesses.
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Not only is the lack of preparation by IT departments a problem in posing a security risk, but the devices and the applications on them pose a security risk. Bit9 did a research study analyzing the security permissions of Androids 400,000 apps and found over 100,000 posed a security risk. 72% of them use


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