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The Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory
NUR 501
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Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory Introduction
The environment theory of nursing is a patient-care theory. The delivery of patient centered care is the best delivery of care a patient can receive. Applying Nightingales environmental care theory of manipulation of the patient environment can affect the patient and assist in the delivery of quality of care. The concept of a clean patient environment has an effect on the patient’s recovery and the prevention of spread of diseases (Harvard Libraries, 2012). Using Florence Nightingales environmental theory and concepts will give a
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The administrators finally agreed some changes needed to be made. The lighting was changed, carpets were replaced and the walls painted in a serine color, plants were placed on the unit and tranquil pictures of ocean scenery were hung on the walls. There was also a special area dedicated to families, physicians could not sit down with the families instead of meeting in the halls, this room did not lessen the grieving process any families were still distraught, but they now had a private area to do so in. The environmental changes boosted the staff, family and patients spirits (Fazio, 1994). Application of Environmental Theory and Brain Injury Patients A traumatic brain injury can be very devastating, According to the statistics the Center of Disease Control, annually 52,000 people die from a brain related injury, 275, 00 are hospitalized and 1,365,000 visit the emergency rooms. Some patients may need extensive rehabilitation after a head injury, once in a rehabilitation unit the patient may need extensive therapy to learn how to walk, talk and control unusual behavior(Center of Disease Control, 2009).. Some people may never


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