Impact of Manpower Training and Development of Workers' Productivity in a Manufacturing Company

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1 INTRODUCTION The management of organization in a globalised economy is posing a serious challenge to the leadership skills, capability and competency of managers at the top echelon of the firms. The manufacturing companies have a more complex task as the workforce is grouped into skilled and unskilled personnel who must be organized in sophisticated and integrated pattern to strike a balance of motivated and committed personnel.
Human resources being the most dynamic of all the organization’s resources need considerable attention from the organization’s management, if it has to realize its full potentials at
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The company is owned by Cadbury Schweppes Plc, 40% and 60% by numerous institutional and individual Nigerian investors. Cadbury stocks are traded in the Nigerian stock exchange market. It’s subsidiary, Stanmark Cocoa processing company, Ondo is a leading export manufacturer of cocoa derivative products. As leader in the market, Cadbury Nigeria Plc produces branded goods which today are household names and clear market leaders. It has a very extensive nationwide distribution network combined with innovative and creative sales and marketing programs to give the company its unique place both within the market and in the home and hearts of millions of consumers.
10 RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is a method for gathering information for research purposes. The information that will be used for this study are basically quantitative and qualitative information. Qualitative data involve verbal narratives of an event while the quantitative data involve information generated in figures. The Likert 5 scale measurement will be adopted to elicit the necessary information from the respondent.

11 SOURCES OF DATA Primary sources of data will be obtained from responses to questionnaires. While secondary sources of data will be obtained from the company publications.

12 POPULATION AND SAMPLING SIZE The population will cover all the over 1300 employees of Cadbury Nigeria Plc. The study will have a sample size of 100 employees covering the three


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