Old Story Time Trevor Rhone

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Miss Aggie tries her best to be a good mother to Len: A. I) Describe TWO things that she does which each has a positive impact on Len’s life. (6mks)
II) Show how Len benefits directly from these actions. (4mks)

B. I) Describe TWO things that she does which each has a negative impact on Len’s life. (6mks)
II) Show how Len suffers directly as a result of those actions. (4mks)

C. State, giving reasons for your conclusions whether Miss Aggy has failed or succeeded in her job as a mother. (5mks)

In the play “Old Story Time” by Trevor Rhone Miss Aggy devotes her life to grooming her son Len to enhance his social standing in society. Though her blinding ignorance
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Margaret’s comment on Len in the flashback shows her lack of inner beauty although we can see that she is beautiful on the outside from her ‘light skin’ and ‘long hair.’ She calls him a “black, ugly, little big lipped, ugly” boy. She looks down on black people just George does. George is the chief instigator of the Cassava Nova incident and a constant thorn in Len’s school life. Through his behavior in the play we can also infer of his inner ‘ugliness’. From Lois behavior however, we can see that she is beautiful on the inside. Her decision to take care of Len after his tragic experience and her important role in saving Miss Aggy shows the compassionate and loving person that she is. Through Rhone’s illustration of inner and outer beauty the audience can see that colour doesn’t matter. At first it might appear that the play is one dimensional and centered on racism and class structure. However the portrayal of beauty shows that racism is not the contributing factor to the conflict but the lack of inner beauty in some characters. If people like George and Margaret had a compassionate heart the Cassava Nova incident would have never happened. Or even more importantly if the whites in authority were ‘beautiful’ enough, racism wouldn’t even have existed because they would give everyone equal power and rights regardless of heir colour. This illustration of inner and


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