Human Sexuality

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Legretta Williams- Anderson

Module 1: Assignments

Professor Dr. Brenda L. McCaa-Buckley

PSY-225 Human Sexuality 14-Mar-2011 (O101)

Instructions: In each box, identify the terms you use with each of the important people in your life. Use your answers to complete the “Becoming Comfortable With Sexual Language” assignment in Module 1.

Sexual Communication Exercise

| Same Sex Peers | Partner | Parent | Doctor | Male Genitalia | Dick | Thang | Pee Pee | Penis | Female Genitalia | Cat | Friend | Jimmy | Vagina | Intercourse | Interment | Making Love | Sex | Sexual Intercourse |

Compare and Contrast Sexual Terms According to our lecture sexuality activity has improved and became open more and more as the years
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Partner Conversation Your partner should be someone you should have no restrictions with. He or she should be someone you can express your inner feelings with on a conversation level as well as an intermit level. Even though there are times in which you say to your partner that you want to make love, or you feel horny and would like to get it on, there are times in the heat of the moment you might want to ask “whose dick or pussy is it”? Your partner would be open to answering, and that would be something that is kept between the two of you. It does not matter what age you are, talking dirty to your partner can be a huge turn on. Not only the conversation will be enhanced, the activity would be of a wide variety of many experience. Partners have being experimenting for years, but again, it all boils down to keeping everything private.

Doctor Conversation Even though your doctor is a regular person, he or she is not your closest friend, your parent, or even your partner therefore the conversation would be on the level of medical terms. Now if you are lucky to have your doctor as your partner and friend that would be different. But having a conversation with your doctor would stay on calling the partners either male and female genitalia or vagina and penis. Any questions about sex would be referred to as intercourse. If you are asking your doctor why when you are having intercourse it hurts, you are not going to ask


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