Human Sexuality Notes

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CELIBACY Complete celibacy - a person who does not masturbate or have interpersonal sexual contact. Partial celibacy- does not have interpersonal sexual contact, but still masturbates.
Celibacy or abstinence is an option until the person is ready for a sexual relationship- and becomes a positive act. Religion/morals: becoming a priest or a nun includes a vow of celibacy, celibacy until marriage, personal criteria for a good sexual relationship has been met, have experienced sexual confusion or disappointment in the past

-mental experiences (books, drawings, movies, photos) ways to explore and express experiences, feelings, and desires. Erotic dreams:
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- may produce pleasure, arousal, or orgasm- receiving and giving- if comfortable doing it
- individually or simultaneously (69)
Cunnilingus- oral stimulation of the vulva
Fellatio- oral stimulation of the penis
Couples differ in preference of ejaculation
Sodomy- oral-genital-anal intercourse in bad (may be because of religious beliefs)
Intromission- insertion of the penis into the vagina
ANAL STIMULATION Not just a homosexual act
Lots of nerve endings that respond erotically- can lead to orgasm
Manually stroking outside of anal opening or inserting 1 or 2 fingers can be pleasurable during masturbation or sex.
Health risks- transmission of HIV (especially for receptor), greater risk for woman through anal than vaginal Anus has delicate tissues- non irritating lubricant and gentle penetration are necessary to avoid discomfort or injury

Touching, kissing, body contact, manual-genital stimulation, oral-genital contact and stimulation are the techniques.
Lesbian sexual behaviors
- Kinsey found that lesbian woman had more orgasms than heterosexual couples. A better understanding of sexual and psychological response between members of the same sex than between those of


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