Personal Response on Sexuality Identity

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Personal Response on Sexuality Identity

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Personal Response on Sexuality Identity Our sexual identity starts at birth and evolves as we continue to age. Several factors can influence an individual’s sexual identity. Like several things in one’s life, sexual identity develops as we go through different stages of life. The things that could influence the development of our sexual identity are environmental factors, value systems, gender identity, relationships, and love.

Sexual Decision Making

The critical thinking process for making sexual decision is extremely important. The statement that knowledge is power could not be truer. I believe with this statement and the strong value system that
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Since the beginning of time, human sexuality has remained prominently constant. The tradition is for men and women to bare children and to create a family, but I believe and hope things are slowly changing. The social norm is to marry and have children, and many people base their lives upon this tradition. The most important thing I have ever done in life is to have my children but I do not believe that this most precious gift should only happen in the presents of love between a man and woman but between two people of any sex. Be it man and man or women and women. Love comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and genders.

Attraction and Relationships

Throughout this class, I have tried to say that physical attraction is one of the heaviest driving factors behind human sexuality. I am personally attracted to women and men and I find myself in relationships with both genders. The decision I believe has influenced my gender identity as well. Attraction plays an essential role in sexual identity and it can play a role in one’s sexual preference. I believe a physical attraction of some kind is the driving force for someone to want to start a relationship. To me physical attraction can start with a look, a touch, the smell, or something that someone says. How someone looks is not the only possible physical attraction that there is. Physical


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