An Explination of Jealousy in the Crucible

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Jealousy: An Explanation
By: Katie Jansen

Some people know jealousy as "green envy." Some people just know it as plain old jealousy, but everyone knows jealousy and the pain it can cause. Jealousy is a nasty emotion, causing nice people to act mean, calm people to act rash, and even the steadiest of tempers to rise. It lashes out with harsh actions and words, hurting many innocent victims. Jealousy causes people to act in abnormal ways, devious ways of hatred and deception, ways that most people would not normally act. Ultimately, jealousy is caused by a certain insecurity that a person has. This insecurity comes from not having what you desire, allowing you to be jealous of those who have it. Three main things that cause insecurity
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This is an extreme act of jealousy and hatred fueled by an intense insecurity. Abby loves John, but John doesn't love Abby. This rejection she feels propels her to the point that she will do anything to get Elizabeth out of the way. She thinks that once Elizabeth is gone, she will feel loved and secure again. Her jealousy not only leads to Elizabeth's death proclamation, but along her journey to ultimate power, she condemns many others as well, causing general chaos in Salem. Although Abby is basking in the glow of being powerful, until she gets what she wants, or can feel secure about her rejection, she will not stop her jealousy-driven rampage of accusations, and many will continue to die under her word. People like Abby, who are suffering from rejection or the fear of, need to become secure with themselves and their own self-confidence in order to not be controlled by jealousy. Many people struggle with the insecurity that comes with doubting their own self-worth. People constantly wonder, "Am I good enough for him/her/that?" Instead of an insecurity over a social judgment or rejection, this insecurity comes from self-judgment. People who doubt their self-worth are jealous of the ones who are self-confident. John Proctor is struggling with is own self-worth throughout the entire play. John, regretting what