Truth in Media

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Truth in Media by Jackie Washbish
Liberty University


The omnipresence of pornography in today’s society has increased extramentally over the past few decades. What is available over the internet is remarkably unrestricted and available to anyone who looks for it. This paper will cover how and what the messages on sexuality that are being conveyed to today’s society,

Open sexualities vs. purity
Which is better is an article written by Michael in 2012 regarding finding the truth about how our society views sexuality in the past and currently. He discusses how we Americans have evolved from a society of purity to complete sexual freedom to what is described as a loose society today. He questions the thought process of
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The article also goes on to show information regarding a study done on heterosexual and homosexual men how they were both turned on my both gay and straight pornography. This study gives a lot of credence to the premise that gays can choose to be not gay.
Casual sex
Do You Want More Than a Hookup? Written by Angela Ledgerwood for cosmopolitan magazine discusses how today's young people are not as interested in just hooking up as they once were. The article goes into a question answer format and talks about how today's young people are afraid of dating and not sure even how.
The article give a clear description that people today have no idea how to even get someone to go out on a date so it gives some starting points. Then the article goes into some dating tips and encouragement.
I found that these articles are well written but lack any sense of morality. I found it so very difficult to find articles that were not how to's or so close to pornography that I would not even use the. This to me seems to be a funny thing for I am a very open person regarding sex. I do not have any inhibitions and from a Christian view point I would be a huge sinner. With that being said as I was doing my research on this topic I found it way to easy to learn how to give a blow job and how to perform anal sex. This was at the common sites


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