Isp Extra Credit

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ISP 203A

Concept Redesign Extra Credit

Step 1: Hydrologic Cycle

Step 2: 1. Third Grade Student = Bill Nye Episode 47 (The Water Cycle)

2. Grand/parent or other non expert = NASA’s video explaining the water cycle

3. A professional = "Water Vapor, the Hydrological Cycle, and Climate Change" by Isaac M. Held, Senior Research Scientist, head of Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics Group, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/NOAA (Princeton, NJ); Lecturer with rank of Professor in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program, Princeton University. (Lecture presented by Harvard University)

Step 3:

Teaching the hydrologic cycle, also known as the
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And finally, how would I teach the Hydrologic Cycle to my professor, who himself is teaching me the Hydrologic Cycle right now? The best way to teach an academic is by showing him another academic’s work with a lot of research. Again, I found another video online, this video is actually a lecture at Harvard University by Isaac M. Held a scientist and researcher from Princeton University. In his lecture he expands on the Hydrologic Cycle, he also explains his findings on water vapor and climate change. His research is backed by many examples, and there are many explanations per slide that he has created. My professor would enjoy this video because it can help him expand on his own research. Professor Held could say something that backs my professor’s claims or even goes against them, no matter what, my professor has something he can use on his next research assignment. With this being a video, it’s just convenient to the professor to have at all times. Honestly, my professor could have just been at this lecture. The main point here is that this video will not “teach” my professor the hydrologic cycle, but more help him with his own research and back up or disagree with his studies.

You may have noticed that all of my mediums were videos from Youtube. I know you wanted us to be creative, but I’m actually thinking of what is the best way to teach these three groups. The internet


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