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1. A lifestyle center is a? D

A) pedestrian center B) psychographic centric segment C) family centric segment D) shopping center E) upscale center segment

2. Industries often have an established company that is a price leader. When competitors “meet” the leader’s price, the competitor is pursuing a ______?_____ strategy? B

A) price war B) pull C) maximization D) status quo E) elasticity

3. All of the following statements about branding are true except? C

A) Branding facilitates buying. B) Branding may provide psychological
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E) None of the above

15. Companies use database information to deliver marketing communications tailored to meet the unique needs of their? C

A) marketing management plan. B) public relations system. C) target market. D) computer information system. E) social responsibility.

16. What is the role of marketing communications in business?

Marketing communications involves the creation and delivery of messages though selected media to communicate with one or more markets. Marketing communications play an increasing number of roles with the expansion of communication options in areas such as social media.

17. All of the following are key functions of marketing channels except: D

A) marketing communications. B) physical inventory management. C) physical distribution. D) physical production. E) financial risk.

18. Research Aggregators are involved in? B

A) primary research B) outsourcing research C) convention research D) internal research E) secondary research

19. How does advertising make the job of the personal salesperson easier?

Advertising salespeople persuade businesses to run ads. Depending on the size of the employer and the salesperson's talents, they may also do the