IT 242 - Final Project WAN Design

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Final Project: WAN Design

10 March 2013
Dr. Jimmie Flores

The needs of Acme Manufacturing
The growing company of Acme Manufacturing has numerous operational facilities in many different locations. The offices are throughout the United States with Atlanta, Georgia as the company’s headquarters and their plant in China. The headquarters supplies corporate operations, marketing, administrative staff, and accounting. Engineering is across the street from the headquarters’ building. Engineering contains the sales and engineering departments. Acme Manufacturing’s distribution offices are located in Chicago, Phoenix, New York. A small sales team and administrative staff are within each distribution office.
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New routers and switches will be required and the network administrators will manage the equipment. Along with the new routers and switches, CAT5e cable will be used for connections. Each location will also require a Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit otherwise known as the CSU/DSU. These will be at the end of the lines at all locations. CSU/DSU devices are a digital interface device used to connect the DTE or Data Terminal Equipment such as routers to a digital circuit. The wireless connectivity at each location will use IEEE 802.11n because it has a higher data rate.
Acme Manufacturing implementing the use of VoIP for teleconferencing capability will use the equipment required for teleconferencing. Web cameras, projectors, monitors, microphones, and even speakers need to be purchased for each teleconference location. Company time and money are saved by teleconferencing because there will be no more travel expenses for meetings at the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Existing and potentially new customers can also benefit from teleconferencing by reducing their travel costs and creating a new and faster way for meetings to take place.
All network and server equipment is required to be placed in a secure location that does not have any windows. This will prevent outside tampering of equipment or stolen equipment accessible through a window leading to the outdoors. Only authorized accessed individuals will