Containment: Vietnam War and Communism

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Defying All Odds of Communism After the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II it was apparent that the victors would come out as the new world powers. With the United States and the Soviet Union being the strongest nations of the victorious Allies they were the two countries who emerged as the new world powers but their views varied drastically. The Democratic United States and the Communist Soviets butted heads about each others views and the U.S. wanted to halt the spread of communism so it couldn’t get to the rest of the world. The U.S. adopted a policy of containment to keep communism in the USSR and the other places it had spread. The U.S.’s main goal was to prevent the spread of communism and they did everything …show more content…

The Chinese then invaded North Korea to keep the U.S. troops from completely reuniting Korea. The U.S. troops fell back across the 38th parallel into South Korea. A truce was later declared because the goal of containment had been reached because South Korea was free from the North Koreans and communism… letting them become the democratic nation they are today. The limited war was successful in stopping the expansion of communism. In this foreign policy, the United States went just far enough because they prevented World War III from occurring. During the 1940s and 1950s, the U.S.’s policy of containment was a sensible approach to the potential threat posed by the Soviet Union. Despite the domestic and foreign policy mistakes to the policy of containment, on the whole, it was the right policy to protect the nation. The U.S. hated communism and wanted with all its power to stop it and fought for years to do so. With actions like the formation of the Smith Act and the limited First Amendment, you could tell the U.S.’s heart was in place, but they were too overprotective… Causing more harm than success (paranoia and fear). With the intervention in Korea, the U.S. did all it could to follow its policy of containment and stop the spread of communism in its tracks. The U.S. limited the expansion of communism as well as it could and used great effort to do so. The policy of containment the United States followed and the great


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