Computerized Management in Healthcare

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Computerized Management in Healthcare
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August 22, 2012
Computerized Management in Healthcare
In the past, physicians and healthcare organizations have been slow to embrace the advantages of using information technology but this is gradually changing. In the July 2012 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) data brief, NCHS stated that by 2011, 55% of physicians had adopted an electronic health record (Jamoom et al., 2012). The Department of Health and Humans Services stated that the percentage of hospitals in the United States using some form of electronic health record has doubled in the last two years (Paddock, 2012). This is partially due to the passing of the 2009
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With the adoption of smartphones, PDAs are becoming obsolete although this term is used generically to describe handheld devices. Many nursing and medical schools have begun using handheld devices which have volumes of information readily available in seconds. With this change from the traditional textbook curriculum, nurses and physicians are recognizing the value of this technology in the hospital setting.
Some of the most popular applications used by the nursing staff are drug reference programs. These drug reference programs provide a convenient, portable reference source for providers. New medication information is released on a daily basis which makes it impossible for any healthcare professional to have current knowledge of interactions, contraindications, compatibility with other drugs and dosage. IV drip calculations, weight based dosing and reference protocols would also be readily available. Handheld devices used as a point of care reference will greatly impact patient safety and decrease medication errors.
Handheld devices can also increase evidence-based practice. Research indicates that nurses without PDAs rely on their peers as the most common source of information which may or may not be evidence-based information. Those with PDAs stated that evidence-based guidelines were available to them and utilized regularly (Predhomme,


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