Nursing Theories

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1. Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model of Nursing in 1976 This model comprises the four domain concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing and involves a six step nursing process. Andrews & Roy (1991) state that the person can be a representation of an individual or a group of individuals. Roy's models sees the person as "a biopsychosocial being in constant interaction with a changing environment" (Rambo, 1984). The person is an open, adaptive system who uses coping skills to deal with stressors. Roy sees the environment as "all conditions, circumstances and influences that surround and affect the development and behaviour of the person" (Andrews & Roy, 1991). Roy describes
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It all depends on where she works and her job responsibilities.

Patient Advocate

5. It is also the nurse's job to stand up for her patients' rights as individuals. If she notices a mistake or something that just doesn't seem right in the patient's treatment plan, she should first study it and then approach the doctor. Many mistakes have been corrected because of an observant nurse. If someone has taken advantage of the patient or even abused the patient in some way, this too needs to be reported. If the patient has any kind of problems, it's the nurse's job to report these to the doctors in charge. The nurse is the one who will see the patient the most often and who will get to know the patient on a daily basis, and she needs to step up and take that advocate role, making sure her patients get the best care possible.

|Duties | |
|Psychiatric nurses may work independently or as part of a multidisciplinary health care team. In general, they: |
|provide holistic, client centred nursing care |
|complete health histories, physical examinations and mental status assessments |
|develop, implement, evaluate and update nursing care


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