Health Care

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Task 1
1.1 Compare your personal values and principles of support for working in health and social care
In the health and social care field, the performance of an individual at work is very much influenced by the Personal values of the individual and principles. As this health and social care profession involves a lot of communication and interaction with individuals from different background, it is highly essential for the care workers to have a greater awareness of self values. Inadequate and uneven care rendered results for the uprising issues in this field are mainly because of not realising the importance of personal values by the health care workers.

Awareness of one’s own self makes a major contribution in improving personal
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The quality care and a fair treatment are the rights of every client. This law creates such awareness to all care workers. It is the underlying responsibility of the care worker to inform the rights of every client and they cannot be left uninformed about his civil liberties. As United Kingdom being governed by such a law, even United States imposed a similar one called Civil Rights Act of 1991. This act supports the prohibition of discrimination (Sack 1998).

There may be various differences like opinions, attitudes, values etc, which can influence the given quality of care to the client. As a professional, an efficient care worker doesn’t bother about the beneficiary of care. This may appear to be extremely difficult to evade conflicts and stay in the right paths of health care provider’s call, but for the sale of client all negative feelings should be put aside. This is the reason why every care worker has to learn all techniques related to communication as it helps tremendously while interacting with people and enables to get rid of any conflict or collision which might affect the quality of care given.

Soul Journey (2010) listed three different types of values which are believed to be important since they play a role in maintaining harmony in life. These three values are: universal, cultural, and personal. It was also stated that personal must be congruent to the universal values in order to avoid conflict. From the


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