Health Care Right or Privilege

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Health Care: Right or Privilege
Stephen D Ramsey
Soc. 120 introduction to ethics
Instructor Donna Falloon
July 4, 2011

I believe everyone should have a health care plan with good prescription copay. Many people in the United States, like me, have an excellent health care plan. With the economy the way it is, and not much new construction happening, it is almost impossible to work the two-hundred hour per quarter to keep my insurance active. Something has to be done so everyone will be entitled to a decent health care plan. Mandatory insurance is great, but what about the people that can’t afford it. The insurance companies keep raising their rates making it almost impossible to keep decent coverage on yourself and your family for
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The rise of health care is effecting everyone, many working class cannot afford insurance twenty-seven-million working Americans have no insurance for them or their families because of the high cost of their insurance premiums. The United States spends one- hundred- billion on health care for the uninsured each year, I think this is ridicules. Those who cannot afford health care, one point eight of them work in the health care field. Two-million people avoid medical care due to the high cost of treatment. The yearly cost of health insurance premiums is eleven-thousand five-hundred dollars; this is a quarter of the average house hold income. (Smith 2007)
With the cost continuing to rise, Employers of many companies are finding it difficult to provide comprehensive insurance for their employees. Many individuals turn down employer based insurance plans and seek their own coverage through the private insurance market and al-lot if people just go without, because the cost of premiums for the insurance plans is just too high for them.
The health care phenomenon is costing our citizens their health and our country billions of dollars. It is not only the patients that suffer; our


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