Kyoto Protocol

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Global climate change has been a concern for everyone since scientists first discovered that our actions from polluting can have drastic effects on our environment. Many scientists began to note the changes in the atmosphere and temperature, global warming, in the mid 1800’s. Many people believe that the Earth’s climate cycles and changes periodically over time. Many believe that the changes occur as a result of human activity. The big questions is what effect is our activity having on the environment.
The costs benefits of global climate change
The costs of climate change for a developed country is easy, because there is money to spend there. These countries are the richer more developed areas of the world who have the money to spend
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But to help reduce future emission issues many cities in Oregon do have emissions testing available.
Defend the new policy
There is always going to be a cost for change, there is no doubt in that. But working together as a whole community, state, nation and planet, there are ways to lessen the costs. Even if it takes one small step at a time. It is hard to predict the costs of these types of changes. But at what cost will it be to us in the future if we ignore these issues? I think the environmental changes far outweigh the economic costs. I think with technology and thinking green we might make some advances we did not for see that might help out with our economy.
No matter where our future takes us, if we do not start making the changes no to reverse the damage done by humans, there may or may not be a future for us. We have to take the first steps in saving our selves at any cost. It might be a steep cost to fix what we have done…But, not having a future or a place to call home over rides any physical cost. We need to do what is right for our planet, and we need to work together to get it done!

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