Personal World View

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Nicole Whaley
August 7, 2011
Richard Irvin

Personal Worldview: Initial Statement

I believe we as human beings have distinguishing characteristic that we passed down to one another since the beginning of time. Things such as the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we act. It’s what we use to provide what we receive as normal when we are judging how best to live amongst our peers and as individuals. Human Nature is the tool we have used since the first human being was crated and placed upon this earth. It is the tool we are all born with that directs us in the decisions we make whether they are wise decisions or bad choices. Human nature is who we are as a species. Human nature is why today’s society is a
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Now the life of an Atheist has to be a lonely one. I have a friend who believes in this worldview. I tell my her frequently that her life could be filled with so much more if she gave her life to God and re evaluated her beliefs. Of course she declined and called me a typical believer in an abstract god. I giggle a little and the subject changes. I believe it is absurd to believe that there is no God and that this life we are living today is all it is. I find it hilarious that the existents atheist believes that because you grow old and become mentally impaired that you are no longer a whole human or that an infant is sub-human, how ridiculous! If I am not mistaken, haven’t we all been babies at some point in our lives? I find that they contradict themselves often just to make their point of view seem logical, but how logical is that method? Just because you cannot put your hand on something does not make it nonexistent. Again, I am a Christian woman and I was raised with God in my life. Nothing or no one will ever change my mind to my beliefs. God is Good and he is real and when the time come for me to answer for my sins and my way of life , I pray that I make the grade so that I can dwell with my lord for all eternity. As I think about the many experiences I have had with God and the many ways he has made his self known to


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