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PRMM901: Corporate Identity and Branding

Assessment 2: Essay – Essay

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1. Introduction

Corporate identity is a tern that defines the overall image of a company in the minds of customers, employees and other stakeholders, and a corporate identity differentiates a company from the other companies (Knapp et al., 2001; Hatch, and Schultz, 2003). Corporate identity is not limited to corporate branding and it is important for companies to manage their distinct identity to gain a competitive advantage in the fierce competition (Herbig and Milewicz, 1995), especially in the contemporary, where the business environment becomes much more complicated and the corporate identity
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The values held by the management and employees also make a significant contribution to the actual identity of the company. Innovation is highly valued in the company, from the top management to the common employees, which helped shape the innovative identity of the company (Zott and Amit, 2010).

• Apple’s Desired Identity
It is widely accepted that the previous leader of Apple Inc., Steven Paul Jobs, has played an important role in shaping the desired identity of the company. Jobs’ aggressive and demanding personality has greatly impacted the leading information technology company, and Jobs has been considered as one of the leading egomaniacs in Silicon Valley; however, it is believed that the CEO’s unique personality has had an essential influence on the aspiring corporate vision of Apple Inc. that pursuing to be the best and the pioneer within the industry (Colvin, 2007).

• Evaluation of the AC2ID Test Model
According to Balmer and Greyser (2002), the AC2ID Test Model is a modified version of the initial ACID Test Model, thus, it has more strengths than the original one; however, it still has some weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses of the AC2ID Test Model can be briefly summarized as follows. The model is not only useful in assisting the organizational management in researching, analyzing as well as managing corporate identities, but also useful in


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