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Chapter 1 4 INTRODUCTION 4 1.1. Company Background 4 1.2. Vision and Mission 4 1.3. Long-term Objectives 5 Chapter 2 6 VISION – MISSION ANALYSIS 6 2.1. Importance (Benefits) of Vision and Mission Statements 6 2.2. Characteristic of a Mission Statement 7 2.3. Mission Statement Components 8 2.4. Vision and Mission Relation: Is It Achievable? 10 Chapter 3 11 EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT 11 3.1 Michael Porter’s Five-Forces Model 11 3.2 External
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This management model sets out measures to be applied to all processes, including the design of the shop itself, the lighting, heating and cooling systems and the possibility of recycling furniture and decoration. 2. Produce less waste and recycle: Zara recycles their hangers and alarms, which are picked up from their shops and processed into other plastic elements. This is an example of their waste management policy. Millions of hangers and alarms are processed each year and both the cardboard and plastic used for packaging are also recycled. 3. Their commitment extends to all their staff, increasing awareness among the team members: The Company holds In-company awareness campaigns and specific multimedia-based training programs to educate their staff in sustainable practices, such as limiting energy consumption, using sustainable transport and modifying behavior patterns. 4. Use ecological fabrics, organic cotton: Zara supports organic farming and makes some of its garments out of organic cotton (100% cotton, completely free of pesticides, chemicals and bleach). They have specific labels and are easy to spot in the shops. 5. Use biodiesel fuel: Zara’s fleet of lorries, which transport more than 200 million items of clothing a year, use 5% biodiesel fuel. This allows them to reduce


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