Grappling with Growth

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Tyler Southard
SPM 444
Case Study

Grappling With Growth

1. What are potential strategies that the wrestling program can implement via social media marketing to improve interactions with key stakeholders on a regular basis?

The wrestling program needs a way to interact with their stakeholders on a regular basis. The program can do this through social media. Social media allows you to be able to reach out to many people at once and market your brand to them. The main objectives of using social media is to increase attendance, strengthen your brand, and keep fans up to date with the latest program news. Facebook is a good way to gain followers and interact with them. By creating a Facebook page for the wrestling program,
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With similar goals in mind, each outlet provides a unique feature that makes them all different. Facebook is used to post statuses of anything related to the program, such as upcoming events or news relating to the program. It is also a way to discuss things with followers through comments or the chat tool. Twitter is similar to Facebook with the status feature, but it is shorter and to the point. Twitter is effective by allowing you to post short quotes, news highlights, etc. about the wrestling program. Followers like to be able to view these tweets throughout the day, so posting every day is a good idea. YouTube is different from both Facebook and Twitter because it is less writing and more video. It is a way for followers to watch the action of the program, instead of reading about it. All three outlets are effective individually, but become even more effective when they are integrated together. Providing links from one outlet to another is a good way for followers to access multiple outlets at a given time.

5. As discussed in the case study, one of the primary emerging trends in college wrestling is the use of a unified programming schedule to enhance consumer interest. What specific ideas would you have to build a schedule that enhances the brand of your program? (Tip: Focus on both packaging and themed content ideas)

Designing a programming schedule is a good way to keep things organized


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