Dove Case

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How did unilever organize to do product category and brand management in unilever before 2000? What was the corresponding structure after 2000? How was brand meaning controlled before 2000 and how is it controlled at the time of this case?
Ans: In product category they offered multiple brand. Each brand operated as a separate business compare with its siblings as well as other firms. Each brand has a different strategy for that they have separate delivery of profit target.
BRAND MANAGEMENT before 2000. Multiple brands within a product category, Each Brand as separate business. Staff of Brand Assistants executing policies of Brand manager. Each Brand Manager, responsible as General Manager. Strategy Design Delivery of profit
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When her customers complain of dry skin, Liz demonstrates the Dove difference. LATE 1970's - "7 DAY TEST" The communication of Dove's non-drying effect on skin was further strengthened by a return to real women and the introduction of the "7 Day Test" in the late '70s
In the late 1980s, the advertising evolved to the use of one woman, who not only talked about the benefits of Dove on her skin but also what it did for her self-esteem. A charismatic and memorable beauty named Jean Shy joyfully shared her discovery of Dove's benefits with television viewers. And Dove's "Conviction of Users" real-women testimonial campaign was born. The Conviction of Users campaign, along with the Medical Program, drove the Dove Bar to its first double-digit share -- and market leadership in the US.
In 1989, Dove was launched in Italy using the "Conviction of Users" campaign, as well as the Medical Program. In mid-1990s, Dove's expansion into other beauty products began, introducing body wash, deodorant, shampoo and advanced forms of skincare like nutrient creams and facial foams.
The rely on real women for Dove Firming Lotion in "Real Curves". The creative idea is reliable with Dove's celebration of real women -- but in a fresh, modern and impactful way. Eight "ordinary" women, not supermodels, from London participated in a photo shoot proudly showing off


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