Google and Apple Know Where You Are

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Google and Apple Know Where You Are, Maybe
Bethella Sam Phillips
Grantham University

Location-based tracking is becoming more and more common due to the ever changing technological advances in the world today. Gone are the days where no one knew your location unless they were physically with you. Today, location-based tracking seems like the new trend in society with companies such as Foursquare and EchoEcho. Some wonder what makes a person use services like this to share with the world. That question may never be answered, but what is known is that some individuals use it to share their favorite restaurant, bar, and hangout locations while others use it to pinpoint the location of their children.
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What’s not to love about all that OnStar provides? GPS systems have become the norm and they are heavily relied upon for most drivers. Between OnStar, GPS, and Google Maps, the need for paper maps has disappeared and not many individuals will admit to purchasing one in this day and age anyway. Helicopter parents are parents who over parent and hover over their children. In an article by Rachael Rettner, helicopter parents are causing their children more harm than good by over parenting. The report claims helicopter parenting makes kids more anxious, self-conscious, and vulnerable (Rettner). It also shows they are less likely to embrace change and fear the unknown (Rettner). There is no crime against this type of parenting and all parents have the right to parent in their own way. These parents have to be aware that they may hinder the child’s success if they are not giving them enough room to grow and learn from their mistakes. With that being said, there are ways to assist parents in monitoring their children without overcrowding them or keeping them in their eyesight. Location-based tracking apps do provide parents with a sense of relief by allowing them to know where there children are at all times. More and more each day you are seeing children under the age of 18 being abducted and location-based tracking can help with that. Parents are held responsible for knowing the whereabouts of their underage children


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