Clinical Psychology Project

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Clinical Psychology Final Project
Virginia Berry
June 15, 2011
Professor Husk
Kaplan University

Aspergers Syndrome is one of the most common autism spectrum disorders, (Hunt & Marshall, 2006). There are many symptoms that are common with children with Aspergers syndrome. One symptom may be showing intense obsession with specific subject like cars, bugs or the weather. Speaking in a monotone voice or speaking fast is another symptom of Asperger’s (MayoClinic, 2011). There are approximately 26 to 36 out of 10,000 school-age children that are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (Ehlers & Gillberg, 1993). Like classic autism, there is no known factor that causes Asperger’s Syndrome. Though many parents believe there is
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Many families may enjoy attending group sessions in order to communicate with other families coping Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s Syndrome is a complex disorder. Children living with Asperger’s Syndrome have many other issues to cope with while living with Asperger’s. Children may not have the proper skills to make friends which can lead to depression or anxiety (Watkins, 2000). Children with Asperger’s Syndrome may have issues with depression and or anxiety is not properly treated. A lay opinion is an opinion by an individual by is not qualified as an expert. Many parents may offer advice to other parents with a child with Asperger’s Syndrome but it may be a lay opinion. An educated professional opinion is an opinion offered by an educated professional. This advice can be offered by a nurse, therapists, or a child psychologist. Parents would more likely take an educated professional opinion compared to a lay opinion. The children that I hope to work with range from infants to adolescents, birth to eighteen years old. I want to help children from different ethnicities and gender. My professional goals are to help children find the support they need to accomplish all their goals. Many children with learning, emotional or behavioral disorders are labeled as “problem” children. I feel that once a child is labeled as problematic, adults are hesitant to work with them. I want to give children someone that can understand them. I hope


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